Black Cherry Merlot


Wine Scented Candles
A beautifully rich scent of Black Cherry mixed with a relaxing after dinner merlot

Psalm 119:105, Thy world is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.


Wine Scented Candles

Why Our Candles?

  • Our candles are made from a premium clean burning soy blended wax
  • We fragrance our candles to the maximum extent possible.
  • Each Candle is wicked, blended and poured by hand. This ensures excellent quality control.
  • We work hard to support our local organizations and want to see you prosper.
  • We offer lots of fragrances for you to choose from.
  • Since we make each candle by hand we are able to answer questions you might have.

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12oz Jar, 9oz Jar, Clamshell Tart


  1. Kathi Kountry krafts

    Smelling this candle is just like popping the cork on your favorite merlot.

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