Candle Fundraiser

Support Your School, Team or Organization with a Candle Fundraiser

Does Your School, Team or Organization

Need to Raise Money?

What better way than with a Candle Fundraiser!?

Imagine offering premium quality, beautifully fragranced jar candles as your fundraiser.

Our candles are triple scented, hand poured soy candles of the highest quality.

Why Sell Candles?

Why not sell something that is in demand and used in households across our nation? Americans love candles and love for their home to smell good at all times.

  • U.S. retail sales of candles are estimated at approximately $2 billion annually, excluding sales of candle accessories.
  • Candles are used in 7 out of 10 U.S. Households.
  • Manufacturer surveys show that 90% of all candles are purchased by women.
  • Container candles and pillars are currently the most popular types of candles with¬†American consumers.
  • Candle industry research indicates that the most important factors affecting candle sales are scent, color, cost and shape.

Why Our Candles?

  • We offer one of the highest profit margins around at 50%
  • Our candles are made from a premium clean burning soy blended wax
  • We fragrance our candles to the maximum extent possible.
  • Each Candle is wicked, blended and poured by hand. This ensures excellent quality¬†control.
  • We work hard to support our local organizations and want to see you prosper.
  • Since we make each candle by hand we are able to answer questions you might have.

How does our Fundraising Program Work?

  • Submit fundraiser booking form ( via email, txt, personal drop off or pickup)
  • We will provide your fundraising packet in digital or in printed format whichever you prefer
  • Take Lot of Orders! Candles sell for $20.00 Each. You only pay $10.00 for each candle sold. Your organization retains the other $10.00
  • Submit your final candle order along with payment
  • Payment can be made by mail, credit card 3% fee, Dropped off at our Metamora Retail Location, Possible pick up if local.
  • Candles will be delivered within 2-3 weeks of payment clearing (your packet will include an approx. delivery date according to your listed sale date. We will also contact you prior to delivery)
  • Must submit the st-105 form to be sales tax exempt
  • We offer spring/summer line or fall/winter line. Fundraisers scheduled to be completed between January 1st and August 15th will receive spring/summer Line. August 16th through December 31st will receive fall/winter line.
  • Each Candle is hand made to order. This ensures you get the highest quality Possible.

Candle Fundraiser

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