about our soy candles

“We Love Candles.”

It was this thought that began our journey into becoming a family owned, operated candle producer. Although it’s a simple statement, finding a high quality, reasonably priced candle seemed to be more difficult than we’d imagined.

It’s the amazing fragrances you can experience with a truly well-made candle, that warm ambiance that stimulates your feelings of comfort and wellbeing. My husband and I both enjoy burning candles and filling our home with wonderful fragrances.

We began pouring candles by hand in our kitchen, giving them to family and friends. They were quickly asking if we could produce more – and we happily began to produce a limited supply for our local community of clients who already enjoyed the fresh farm produce we sold at farmer’s markets all summer and fall. A few months into our organized production, we outgrew the family kitchen. We built a small manufacturing facility on our farm where we continue to pour each candle by hand to ensure premium quality.

The candle you are preparing to enjoy is made of only the highest quality soy, not low grade paraffin wax. It’s soft, pliable and holds the scent better than anything I have tested. We highly scent our candles, with fragrances handpicked from a regional company who creates them here in the USA. I personally select each fragrance, and then hand blended to make our line of amazing candles.

Soot isn’t part of our desired experience, although it’s always possible if your candle is left to burn to long, or the wick becomes to lean. We hand place our  clean burning wicks with hot glue that allows the candle to stay true to shape, even as you burn to the end of the soy at the bottom of the container. This helps prevent annoying tunneling, and losing the quality experience you want from a candle.

We love candles. Most of all, we love the clean burning, amazing scents that you will find in our candle line. We love the reasonable retail price, often less than half of large brands who do not offer the quality or experience ours provide. Most of all, we love offering our workmanship as a blessing of peace and comfort to your home, or to the person you give our candles to in gift. Each candle is made with the artistry, quality and care you should expect from Circle R, now and always.

Wishing You Peace,